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  • Never use harsh shampoos or chemicals on your hair extensions.


  • If you shampoo yourself please be very careful not to tangle your extensions and please  sit under a hooded dryer to dry your extensions and braids.


  • If your extensions are long or curly, give it 2 braids or twist at night to ensure no tangling.


  • I recommend you go to a professional hair stylist for maintenance of your hair extensions every two weeks.


  • Remember, your extensions must be treated with care to ensure longevity. Please see a professional for coloring and proper installation of your extensions.

  • If you cut your extensions, please understand the ends will shed or fray.


  • It is recommend you seal your wefts with Fray Check to ensure minimum shedding.


  • DO NOT put any form of grease on your extensions. This will weigh your hair down and make it look unnatural and synthetic.

  • I do recommend the use of Loreal EverSleek (Humidity Defying) and Loreal EverCurl (HydraCharge) leave in Cream's to your Wavy or Curly hair. Apply some of the Loreal Leave in cream to your hair while it's wet.


  • If your weave is straight, apply a pea size amount of Argon Oil to the palms of your hand and rub this onto your extensions. Remember, less is more ladies.


  • When straightening your natural hair and extensions, please use a heat protection spray.


  • I recommend the use of a Soft Tip Paddle Brush to combs through your extensions. This brush will smooth out your extensions with ease. It is also perfect for when the hair is wet.


  •  If you are wearing a silk or lace closure, please do not use a rat tail or small tooth comb on your lace. This will cause the lace to tear and shed. Please use the Soft Tip Paddle Brush instead.


  • When brushing your extensions, section the hair and  hold the shaft of your extensions firmly with your palms, then brush from the ends up.

  • Please seek a professional to remove your hair extensions.