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Your wait is over! 
Something for you glueless lovers.
If you don't want to always secure your lace with traditional glue, try our glue Gel.

This product will not disappoint you.
It's perfect for an all day hold, night out on the town or if you non-active and just want something to secure your lace- this is for you.

The application process involves applying 2 layers of QCH Glue Gel, blow a cool dryer over the area, once the gel has become "tacky" apply your lace, pressing down with the teeth of a tail comb, blow cool air again from your dryer and if you have time, secure with your QCH Silk Wrap or Elastic Band. Your done👑

Removal/Clean up: Use Water to remove

DISCLAIMER: This is Water based so if you plan on swimming, working out or sweat a lot, you may need my Lace Glue.

Glue Gel 6.8 Oz Bottle

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