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QCH Lace Adhesive is safe for all skin types

*Disclaimer: A patch test must be done before use* 

After seeing so many clients become allergic to the glues we've used over the years,  I wanted something that would minimize so many people from having reactions. 
So here you have it!

Fast acting, dries matte and long lasting.
Wear your lace with confidence in knowing it's secured with QCH Lace Adhesive!

This Adhesive reacts to your body temperature.  If you are too hot and sweating,  your glue will not dry. 
You must be cool during this process. 

How to Apply:
First: Clean your skin and rid it of any makeup and oils. You need to start with the perfect foundation for laying your lace. (QCH SCALP PROTECTOR WILL BE ADDED)
Apply a thin layer of QCH Adhesive to your skin only. (Try avoiding your hair if possible)
Allow glue to dry until tacky.
Each layer must be clear before adding the next layer (up to 5 layers)
Your lace can now be attached. 
Allow to dry 24 hours before getting wet.

Avoid contact with eyes.
Do a patch test 24 hrs before use to determine if you are allergic. 
Keep out of reach of children.
If irritation occurs stop use immediately. 

I am not responsible for any adverse effects.

Lace Adhesive

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